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Cultivate is an Ohio non-profit that is passionate to help entrepreneurs. Fund Ohio is the funding connection platform we have built to connect businesses that need capital to our growing community of financial partners in Ohio. When most entrepreneurs are starting a business, the first place they often explore for funding is their neighborhood bank. This can be a dissapointing experience for many startups since banks require business performance, assets to serve as collateral or very high quality personal credit. If you qualify for their lending criteria then these are typically the best loan options. For those though that are just starting out, have poor personal credit or a business that is not yet profitable, a traditional bank may not be a fit. Our goal is to identify a broader range of funding options and provide you with the best match. The SBDC centers around Ohio are an excellent source for some of these funding connections but these funding options change continually so we have sought to compile and maintain our database of financial partners along with their most current product profiles that we use to create a match to you.

We welcome you to visit our entrepreneur center. We host 1,000 entrepreneurs each year at our educational and networking events. We may also be available for a free discovery consultation to discuss your startup or strategy to grow your business.

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We collaborate with financial partners and entrepreneur service providers that would like to come along side our non-profit and join our community in serving entrepreneurs. Visit our website at to connect.

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